Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Just Another Woman In Love.. (Part 1)

Image from One Tree Hill

I move away from the door. The banging increases, his voice becomes louder, more fierce. I slowly inch away, though my feet don’t seem to move. I shut every window, every door, till I’m finally in my room. I can hear him no longer, but nor do I feel safe. For it was only in his arms, where I seemed to belong... 
I wrap my arms with the thin scarf. The setting winter breeze gives me the chills, and I’m unable to protect myself. I run into the small bar and sit down, hoping that I could get some warmth.

As I sip my coffee, I see a man staring at me. Or rather, staring right through me. He sighs as he sees me look towards him. I look away and sip my coffee. I hum along the song that plays.

I was used to this. Sitting alone, eating alone.. Solace was all around me, even though I always had people surrounding me. I never longed for the presence of someone else. I was perfectly fine being on my own.

“Good song, right?” He asks, interrupting my thoughts.

I just nod, and then get back to my coffee.
“Mind if I sit here?” He asks again.

I shrug. I didn’t want any company, but he looked sad. He sits down on the opposite side and starts to read the newspaper.

I was used to this too. Men eyed me everywhere. They always wanted me, and yes, I did give myself to them. I found happiness in satisfying them. With them, I never felt alone. And once it was over, I didn’t contact them again. I knew what this man wanted from me. It was pretty obvious. But for a change, he made my insides twist too.

I glance up now and again, taking a good look at him - Broad shoulders, dark eyes, unshaved chin, messy hair, and a slight frown. He notices me look at him. I blush and look down, noticing a ring on his finger.

“Your wife must be waiting. Don’t you think it’s late?” I ask, with a laugh.

“Haha no. She’s out of town, and the house just feels very empty.” He says.
“Do you want a drink?” I ask.

He smiles, and then I slide in besides him.

One drink turns into two, and then we gradually lose track. We laugh, talk, drink and dance a little. The place is empty now. Our voices echo, and my body no longer shiver. “Do you want to get out of here?” he asks. I nod my head and let him guide me out.

He takes me to his place. We drink some more, laugh a little more, and then I gradually feel his heavy breath on my skin. His smell lingers around me, and I wrap myself around his warm body. I didn’t want to get up.

Sleeping around, yes. Done that, plenty of times. Holding someone and sleeping? No, he was the first one. He made me feel different.


  1. Superb written up.

  2. i am thankful. for what, u shall soon know.

  3. yes the wait is over... check my blog...

  4. Hi ! your blog is so good! I already can't stop myself from going through with archives! And this post was marvelous!

  5. Good one Juhi..
    loved it.. narration was pretty good :)
    post part II soon

  6. lovely poignant lines...full of passion.

  7. Beautifully narrated Juhi! This post seems complete by itself but waiting to see the other part too :)

  8. little different from what you write...still very beautifully crafted...thanks for sharing...:)))

  9. Savoring solitude yet craving for company - An undefinable phase in life. But somehow, your story seems to convey all that is there convey of such a phase.

    // Solace was all around me, even though I always had people surrounding me.

    Loved this line..

    Waiting for the next part, Philo !

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. Made me post something that I had written earlier again after a long time. Thanks :)

  10. Beautiful creation juhi. :)

    Looking forward to read next part as soon as possible.Please inform when you post :)

  11. nicely written. Keep writing :-))

  12. Short and sweet. Multiple facets presented in a few words.

  13. Very interesting, eager to read what happens next.

  14. been far too long since i was here...smiles

    nice write...i think both are filling up what they need and the connection of finally holding someone makes it a bit deeper than just sleeping around...which leads to dangerous territory with another persons spouse...

  15. Oh wow, good stuff! Waiting to read the next part!

  16. thats some imagination and romance there :P

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